Interested in learning more about regional fungi? Find meeting schedules and contact information for local mycological societies below.

Oregon Mycoflora Project

Interested in documenting regional fungal diversity? We need your help!! Sign up for a iNaturalist account and start your fungal observations. Learn more about our efforts to  produce an accurate census of how many species of macrofungi (e.g., mushrooms, polypores, truffles, cup fungi, etc.) exist in the state of Oregon

Learn more about how to collect and identify fungi in Oregon at monthly meetings of CMS, find more information on the CMS website

The North American Truffle Society

The North American Truffling Society brings together amateurs and professionals who are interested in hypogeous (belowground) fungi. They are working to enhance the scientific knowledge of truffle-like fungi, and promote educational activities related to truffles and truffle-like fungi.

North American Mycoflora Project

The North American Mycoflora Project is a collaboration between professional mycologists and citizen scientists to collect, document, preserve, and sequence DNA of macrofungal biodiversity of North America.

Oregon Mycological Society

OMS is an educational and scientific organization with a mission to study, collect, and identify fungi and to educate the public in fungi identification.