The Oregon State University Herbarium (OSC) houses over 550,000 vascular plant, bryophyte, algal, and 200,000 fungal collections. The collections are worldwide in scope, with a focus on the state of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

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History of the Herbarium: The mycological herbarium is dominated by collections of regional plant pathogens and the conspicuous fleshy fungi. Under the stewardship of Helen M. Gilkey, the scientific importance of the collection grew. Her own specialty, the hypogeous fungi, are especially well represented. Her successor William C. Denison, expanded the collections of discomycetes and lichenized fungi. James M. Trappe, together with his students and associates, has established OSU as a world center for the taxonomic study of mycorrhizal fungi. The mycological herbarium is the internationally recognized central repository for type specimens of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae. Under the curation of Dr. Joey Spatafora, the mycological collection increased in size and became a significant research resource for studies of the fungi of the Pacific Northwest. I am the current curator and my focus is on increasing representation of Pacific NorthWest fungal diversity in the OSC via the OR Mycoflora Project, and accessioning the ~35,000 isolate truffle collection of Drs. Jim Trappe and Mike Castellano.

To initiate inter-herbaria loans

Contact me for fungi and Dr. Aaron Liston for plant collections, and see OSU herbarium contacts page. For more information about Native Oregonian plants see the Oregon Flora Project, the OSU (plant) type collection. For more on Oregon Fungi, check out Oregon Mycoflora

Want to submit a specimen to the OSC collection?

We welcome your collections and will evaluate specimens using our incoming specimen criteria rubric. All incoming specimens must have barcoded, packeted, and well preserved specimens with identification and digital collection metadata. Please email me if you would like to discuss submitting your collection for accessioning at OSC.

creating and submitting lichen and bryophyte packets

Creating and submitting macro fungal specimens

  1. Obtain the companion meta data and packet template files referenced below from me by email.
  2. open and use the <Collection metadata.csv> file (above, ) in excel to record your collection information. Please consult the data entry guide above before recording your information.
  3. open the <Collection packet for printing.docx> file (above).
  4. once formatted, print each label, and fold on lines around your collection.
  5. submit your specimens by emailing Dr. Jessie Uehling Jessie.uehling<at>OregonState<dot>edu to arrange shipping or drop off.